Like the rest of the human body, teeth are a well-designed engineering feat. With teeth, function and aesthetics come together to give us a tool that makes life easier. Teeth give structure to the face, and good teeth give us a nice smile.

Teeth are the toughest substances in the body because they must withstand pressure when biting down or crushing things. Let’s get to know our teeth better so we can take care of them like how they take care of us. So here are fun facts about teeth that you might not have known!

A third of a person’s tooth is in the gum

This is the third that handles holding the rest of the tooth in place. Unlike the other two-thirds, it is sensitive if exposed when the gum recedes. If this happens, bonding can be done to cover it.

Teeth begin to form in the womb

Teeth begin to form while we are still in the womb and begin to show from the age of six months. There are exceptions though. One in two thousand babies is born with teeth, mostly on the lower gum. These teeth are called natal teeth.

Toothaches have their myths in ancient times

A toothache is one of the worst experiences a person can go through. Toothaches also have the sadistic tendency to be at their worst as we sleep. Through the ages, there have been many supposed causes and remedies for toothaches. Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Sumerians believed that toothaches were caused by a demon that took the form of a worm. Many tried to deal with the worm by removing it; this meant removing the tooth and the nerves. Eventually being known today as a root canal.

Toothpaste was not there a century ago

Toothpaste as we know it has only been around for the last hundred years. Before its invention, people used chewing sticks, lemons, ashes, charcoal, and other home remedies to clean their teeth. What’s more, the foam in toothpaste is present only for your amusement. It does not contribute to the cleaning of your teeth. It’s put there to make you better enjoy brushing your teeth.

A toothbrush can be a home for bacteria

Toothbrushes can make a nice home for bacteria, because of moisture found on the bristles. To avoid bacteria colonizing on your toothbrush, ensure you keep it dry and replace it often.

A toothbrush is an innovation of a chewing stick

The prototype of the toothbrush comes from chewing sticks. Chewing sticks are twigs that come from trees with anti-bacterial properties like the Neem tree and the cinnamon plant. Twigs from such plants are just as effective in cleaning teeth as modern toothpaste and toothbrushes.

We hope you like these bite-sized facts about teeth!