There are many different ways that your dentist can address a dental problem of some kind. The treatment that is used in the end will be tailored to meet your needs. When you meet with a Livingston cosmetic dentist at this practice, always know that we will determine what’s best for your dental health dental appearance and will be sure that you know what to expect during your treatment.

About Dental Crowns

One option that we may consider at our dental practice in Livingston is dental crowns. Dental crowns are caps that fit right over a tooth. This will be able to protect the tooth from further harm, reduce any paint you may experience because of the tooth, and make the restored tooth look pristine.

Are dental crowns the best solution for me?

Ideally, we want to take as conservative an approach to dentistry as possible. If we can avoid using Livingston dental crowns and instead use inlays and onlays, that is better overall. That said, sometimes using dental crowns is the only option for a patient’s needs. In such cases we will not hesitate to use dental crowns to restore the health and appearance of a smile.

The Many Uses for Dental Crowns

There are actually numerous applications for dental crowns given the various dental problems people face and the various treatment options that are out there. Let’s briefly cover them right now.

Chips, Cracks, and Severe Tooth Decay

If you have teeth that are badly chipped, severely cracked, or extremely decayed, then dental crowns are the best option for that problem. The crowns will restore bite strength and relieve any pain you may experience.

Emergency Dental Care Services

When you’re in an accident that results in major trauma to the mouth, you may need emergency dental care. If you’re in very bad shape after the accident, then seek medical attention before coming to us for a dental crown and other emergency care procedures.

Root Canals

Undergoing root canal therapy is nothing out of the ordinary. At the end of a root canal, the tooth that has been worked on is often capped by a dental crown to help secure the tooth and prevent decay and other matters from occurring.

Dental Implants (Implant Dentistry)

Dental implants are not replacement teeth per se but are instead these little posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone and gum tissue. When anchored into position, the dental implants will be able to support a dental crown as well as other dental restorations as needed.

Find Out More About Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns and many other methods for enhancing the appearance of your smile, be sure to contact our Livingston cosmetic dentistry practice serving Short Hills, Millburn, and West Orange. The team here awaits your visit and looks forward to meeting you in person.