Between taking care of your family and balancing work and school, your schedule can become pretty hectic. People often put off necessary dental procedures simply because they don’t have the time for multiple office visits. In today’s blog, Livingston cosmetic dentists, Dr. David Silverstrom and Gary Silverstrom, discuss the benefits of CEREC crowns. This new technology allows Drs. David or Gary Silverstrom to craft and place a dental crown in a single visit, saving time, without sacrificing quality.

Saving Time with CEREC Technology

We realize how important your time is, which is why we always try to institute time-saving measures, such as having our own onsite lab. But with CEREC, our team at The Silverstrom Group can design, create, and place ceramic crowns, onlays, and veneers in a single visit.

With esthetically pleasing ceramic, patients receive metal-free, natural-looking, custom-made crowns in just one dental visit. In some instances, the entire process can take about an hour.

Placing CEREC Crowns

Crowns allow your Livingston family dentists to repair damage to your teeth from injury or tooth decay. Crowns are caps that completely over the affected tooth, protecting it from further damage and returning the tooth to optimal function and appearance. For patients interested in receiving CEREC crowns, contact your Livingston dentists for an initial consultation.

Drs. David or Gary Silverstrom will decide whether single-visit crowns are the best means of providing your dental restoration. If so, then the tooth receiving the restoration will be prepared and photographed. With CAD/CAM software, a 3D computer model of your tooth will be created. We will transfer the 3D image to our special CEREC milling machine. Using the model, the machine will mill your new crown from a durable ceramic dental block chosen to match the color of your teeth. After ensuring the crown is a perfect fit, Dr. David or Gary Silverstrom will place the new crown using a powerful bonding agent. In as little as an hour, you’ll have a strong, natural-looking, custom-fitted dental restoration.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Livingston Dentists

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