Don’t Miss Out On The Cuddle Chemical
Whether you’re spooning all night long or just for 10 minutes before turning your backs to each other and drifting off—triggers your body to release chemicals that help you bond with your partner, de-compress after a stressful day, and feel downright blissful. The magic ingredient: the hormone oxytocin (aptly nicknamed the cuddle chemical). And oxytocin has myriad benefits. It relieves pain, boosts your immune system, and relieves stress. And here’s the bedtime winner—it can even help you sleep.
Excerpt from: https://sleep.org/articles/cuddling-and-sleep/
If you’ve noticed signs and realize that besides the annoyance of having a partner sleep with sounds of Grizzly Bears deep in mid-winters slumber, talk to us right away.

These are the SIX SIGNS that indicate your partner might have sleep apnea.

  1. You often tell your partner about their loud or chronic snoring
  2. You notice that they gasp for air throughout the night
  3. Your partner is often exhausted throughout the day
  4. They have high blood pressure
  5. You hear them going to the bathroom frequently in the night
  6. They carry extra weight.

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