When the cooler months draw near, a warm drink never fails to hit the sweet spot. If you want to whip up a great beverage for you and your guests, here are four yummy recipes to try out!

Smoothie made with pumpkin pie

This drink is not served hot, but its flavor will make you appreciate the season. Canned pumpkin is now widely available, so be sure to stock up on a few cans for this treat that is suitable for all ages. This is a relatively simple drink to make as it will only take about ten minutes.

For the ingredients, you will need:

• Whipped cream (to taste)

• 1/2 a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice

• 1/4 cup of sugar

• Eight ounces of vanilla yogurt

• 1 12-ounce can of chilled evaporated milk

• 1 15-ounce can of chilled pumpkin

Put the spice, sugar, yogurt, milk and pumpkin in a covered blender and blend until the mixture is smooth. Pour the mixture into four glasses and top them off with whipped cream.

Eggnog latte

This is one of the most classic drinks for fall and winter. The ingredients that you will need to include:

• Nutmeg

• 1.5 ounces of brewed espresso

• 2/3 cup of eggnog

• 1/3 cup of 2% milk

Pour the eggnog and milk into a steam pitcher and heat it up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit (make sure to use a steaming wand). Next, brew the shot of espresso before adding it to the mug. Pour the steamed mixture into the mug and use a spoon to hold back the foam. Lastly, spoon the foam and place it over the top of the drink. You can sprinkle the nutmeg on top as well. This is a single-serving drink that takes 6 minutes to prepare.

Hot chocolate with peanut butter

This is a fun twist to your standard hot chocolate beverage and will take up to 4 hours to complete. The ingredients you will need include:

• 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla

• 3/4 cup chocolate syrup

• 8 cups hot water

• 1/4 cup peanut butter

Start by pouring the cocoa mix in a minimum 3 quart slow cooker. Next, carefully stir in hot water and chocolate syrup. Cover the cooker and continue to cook on low heat for 4 hours (2 hours if it’s on high). Whisk in vanilla and peanut butter until everything is smooth. Ladle the mixture into 9 serving mugs.

As you enjoy your delectable seasonal beverages, do not forget to take care of your oral health. Remember, good dental hygiene is pertinent during holiday seasons to keep potential dental problems at bay!