Massage therapy entails a whole range of methods that people conduct to tackle your pressure points and to reduce your illnesses and pain-related problems. Massage therapy has been in use for thousands of years from various ethnic backgrounds. Most of these practices include handling and pressing on pressure points, which run around planes of our body called the meridians.

Dealing with the pressure points can give our bodies relaxation and they can also cure the medical conditions related to the specific pressure points. There are more than 400 pressure points in our body and a problem with each corresponds to a different medical condition. Here are the most common pressure points link to and how we can manage those conditions.

Joining the valley

JoiningTheValleyLI4 nbspThe Silverstrom Group NJ

This pressure point refers to the area which forms a valley-like shape when you bring your thumb and your index finger together when you make a fist. This is the pressure point that helps you rid your headaches mainly. It also works to cure tooth aches, hangovers, shoulder pain, neck pain, arthritis and even constipation. This point is called L14 in terms of pressure points theory. One thing to note is that this point should not be massaged during pregnancy.


Pericardium nbspThe Silverstrom Group NJ

This point has a deceiving nomenclature as pericardium does not directly refer to the area around the heart. This is the point between the two tendons that run on the inside of your wrist, about three finger spaces from the base of your palm. This point is linked to curing your nausea and vomiting symptoms which are commonly due to pregnancy, motion sickness, drugs due to surgery’s anesthesia, and chemotherapy. It can also improve your gut health, chest pain, headaches and any carpel tunnel syndrome that you might have.

Third eye

ThirdEye nbspThe Silverstrom Group NJ

This is the region between your two eyebrows and it is labeled as GV 24.5. Massaging at this point improves your stress-related problems, calms down your mind and improves your memory skills. It also brings down your lethargy level, eye strains and insomnia. Massaging in this area relieves you of your daily work/education stress, and brings you back to an emotional and spiritual balance. Use your middle finger to gently press down and massage this point for about a few seconds to a minute. Do this a few times a week to feel and see the change and difference.

Mid sternum

chestcv17anxiety nbspThe Silverstrom Group NJ

This is a point exactly at the center of your chest called CV 17 and this point helps you to reach a state of tranquility and relieves you of any negative feeling like stress, anxiety, depression, hysteria and anger. It helps to also pump up your immune system for you to stay healthy. When this spot is being massaged, make sure your back is straight for the right point to be reached out to. Also, try to take in deep breaths in and out while this point is being massaged so that you relax your body and allow yourself to be taken over by the effects of this therapy.