Everyone stresses about cavities, and we understand that completely, but you should also pay attention to the health and condition of your gums. Gum health is essential to optimal dental health, and many people neglect to think of the soft tissues in their mouth, focusing almost entirely on the teeth themselves. It’s for that reason that our Livingston cosmetic dentistry team provides comprehensive care for your gums. If you’re dealing with gum disease, we’ll be able to treat it in terms of dental health as well as dental aesthetics.

About Gum Disease and Its Stages

Gum disease is caused by the bacteria in the mouth, which can sometimes infect the gums. In its earliest stages, it’s known as gingivitis, and can lead to swollen gums, sore gums, bleeding gums, discolored gums, and gum recession. If left untreated, it progresses to a later stage known as periodontitis. This will result in more severe symptoms experienced gingivitis, as well as loose teeth, severe bad breath, and possible tooth loss.

It’s important that you visit our dental care center in Livingston regularly so we can catch gum disease early and help reverse its adverse effects as soon as possible.

Dealing with Gingivitis

For gingivitis, we tend to do deep cleanings to help prevent further spread of infection. We’ll also likely give you a special disinfectant rinse to use at home in order to help kill bacteria.

Dealing with Periodontitis

Since periodontitis is more severe, rinses and deep cleanings will not be enough. You may also require laser treatments, antibiotics and other medications, gum grafts, and more invasive procedures to help restore the health of your mouth. We will use the latest dental health technology to help you overcome this issue.

Addressing Problems Related to Gum Disease

Once the gum disease itself is dealt with, we will then be able to address other problems caused by gum disease. Any tooth decay under the gumline will need to be addressed as soon as possible, and gum grafting may be performed to help restore soft tissue around the root structure of a tooth.

If you experience tooth loss as a result of severe periodontitis, then we’ll look into options or tooth replacement so you can smile with confidence and chew normally again. One option for treatment is the use of Livingston dental implants to support a dental crown, a dental bridge, or even a denture. We’ll be sure to craft a solution that is just for you and your needs.

Prevention and Detection of Gum Disease

Obviously the best way of dealing with gum disease is making sure you never get it. That’s why regular dental exams and comprehensive cleanings are so important to maintaining the best possible dental health. When you’re in our practice, we’ll be sure to check your teeth and gum for any problems. We’ll also let you know what you can do to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums when you’re not in the office.

Contact Our Dental Care Practice for a Consultation

Whether you’re in need of preventative care of treatment of gum disease, rest assured that we have you covered. For more information about treating gingivitis or periodontitis as well as their side effects, contact our Livingston, New Jersey cosmetic dentistry center today. Our entire team looks forward to helping you achieve optimal dental health.