Having a basic health kit when you are travelling is important, regardless where and how long you would be travelling. A good health kit during your travel means that you would be able to prevent sickness, treat minor illnesses and injuries and also manage your regular medical conditions without any problem throughout your trip. Here we are going to take you through what the items your travel health kit should contain.

First aid kit

The first thing you need to sort out in your travel health pack is a small and basic first aid kit. Here’s what you might want to include:

• Bandages, along with adhesive tapes for you to secure any gauze or plasters on top of wounds

• Hand sanitizer, preferably something that is alcohol based

• A few packets of Oral Rehydration Salts to make into a solution with electrolytes for rehydration

• Scissors and safety pins to cut and secure any dressing

• Thermometer

• Tweezers

Wellness items

You can also consider carrying other items with you for your general health and protection, such asL

• Saline eye drops for dry or irritated eyes

• Mosquito repellents and sprays

• Sun-screen lotions

• Ear plugs and cotton buds.


This section is important for you to note especially if you are under regular medications that you cannot skip or stop due to your travelling trip. Before you leave for your trip, well in advance, meet up with your medication provider and your doctor to ensure that they safely dispatch you enough of the medications you would require. Also try to keep them in separate bags in smaller amounts for you to be sure you would not lose them all one shot. One more thing to ensure is that the expiry date of all the medications you are going to carry with you are well beyond the time of your arrival back to your homeland.

Needless to say, it is also essential that you bring along your toothbrush and dental care accessories because dental health is just as important!