Many of us know that a healthy smile starts with a good oral care regime. When you visit your dentist regularly, you can do more than just keep your smile attractive. These visits can tell dentists a lot about your dental health, and if whether or not you may be developing other diseases such as diabetes.

A healthy smile can really make a major difference in your life. In addition to improving your overall appearance, your confidence will receive a boost as well! It will bring you more success in your career and even greater luck with relationships. If you are already attached in a relationship, here are some ways you can maintain both you and your significant other’s oral health together.

Remind each other to go for regular dental check-ups and cleanings

Have you ever found it difficult to keep to your resolutions to visit your dentist once every six months? If you find this scenario familiar, you are not alone! It may be a case of a lack of motivation and you will just a little “push” from your loved one. What’s more, you won’t find visiting a dentist a chore when you and your significant decide to go together.

Get into the habit of buying and using anti-bacterial mouthwash regularly

Anti-bacterial mouthwash is a great product to go with brushing and flossing. Your chances of avoiding oral health issues like gingivitis will be significantly higher. Mouthwashes can also help you fight tooth decay, remove minute particles that can’t be reached from normal brushing, prevent formation of cavities and prevent plaque build-up. What’s more, it helps to temporarily reduce bad breath by freshening it up. Your snuggling sessions will be so much more pleasant!

Get a pair of soft-bristled toothbrush if both of you have sensitive gums

When you are maintaining your oral health as a couple, you can look out for each other better and choose the right toothbrush that will benefit you the most. When your teeth require more care, always go for soft bristles that are made of nylon. You will be able to remove tartar and plaque buildup without damaging your teeth.

Additionally, you will want to look out for toothbrushes that are marked with an ADA Seal of Acceptance. This indicates that the product has undergone rigorous quality testing and has been approved for both effectiveness and safety.

Help each other quit smoking

Smoking is known to have many ill effects on your oral health, and quitting this detrimental habit will help reduce any further risk of developing many dental care problems at a later stage, such as oral cancer, gum disease, tooth decay and tooth stains. It has been observed that love and encouragement from your loved one can help to inspire you to quit smoking. It does not have to just be based on talk. For example, encourage your partner to swim or run with you on days you have marked out for fitness. When both of you begin to adopt more healthier behaviors as time goes by, your aims to quit smoking will have more than double the chance at success!