Guest Post by Tara Prupis, Owner of Green Nectar Juicery

I love the way my mouth feels after flossing, which is why I committed to doing it regularly. The more I floss, the better it feels, making the experience more enjoyable. But when I fail to floss, I resist getting back on track. Why? Because it becomes uncomfortable. My gums become sensitive and it’s painful. Also, I have wires behind my front upper and bottom teeth, so I have to take an extra step and use a threader to floss. As I write this, it seems silly that a few extra seconds would deter me from flossing, but it’s the truth. So I do my best and floss, knowing that it will contribute to my wellness.

I felt the same way about juicing. I didn’t start drinking juice because it tasted good. I didn’t want to prep or clean the vegetables. Certainly, I didn’t want to clean the juicer. I did it because I wanted to feel better. I made the commitment, not everyday at first, but most and I noticed I started to feel better. I had more energy, my skin was glowing, clothes were fitting better and cravings for sweets diminished. I continued and soon I began to crave green juice. I felt different on the days I didn’t have it. I felt off and as a result I didn’t live as well.

So here’s the deal: one juice won’t change your life. Just like flossing, one time won’t change the health of your gums. It all starts with one juice and with frequent consumption you see results. At first you may resist it, but continue and see how your body will adapt–your cravings for junk food will diminish. You’ll start to feel better and here is why:

· Juicing is an easy way for our bodies to absorb all the nutrients, vitamins and live enzymes from fruits and vegetables. Juice goes directly into the bloodstream and we quickly feel the energizing effects.

· Juicing allows us to consume an optimal amount of vegetables in an efficient manner. We can drink more vegetables in a juice than we would eat at one meal.

· Juicing can add a wider variety of vegetables to our diet. Most of us eat the same vegetables every day. It’s easier to mix it up with juice.

· Juicing, especially leafy greens, is an effective way to cleanse the body. The high levels of chlorophyll remove the toxins and heavy metals in our bodies, which accumulate from our modern lifestyle. Chlorophyll also stimulates red blood cell production, increasing the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity.

If drinking green seems too radical, start with a citrus or carrot juice. Remember that like flossing, you are drinking the juice for your health. As your body gets cleaner, the juice will taste better. Juice well. Be well. Feel good. Do good.

Green Nectar Juicery owner Tara Prupis will host a juice sampling event on Saturday, June 28 at The Silverstrom Group from 11 AM to 1 PM. A native of Livingston, NJ, Tara grew weary from all the time it took her to purchase, prep, juice and clean. She realized other juicers might have the same issues. September 23, 2013, Green Nectar Juicery opened in Millburn, offering cold-pressed raw organic juice. Learn more at https://greennectarjuicery.com