At The Silverstrom Group, we focus on using the very latest technological advancements to provide superior dental care. Our modern Livingston cosmetic dentistry center features onsite surgical facilities, a commercial dental laboratory, and cutting edge computer, digital, and laser dentistry technology. Using laser dentistry, achieving a beautiful, healthy smile is quicker, easier, and less painful than ever before.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a method of dental treatment that uses a high-energy beam to successfully complete soft tissue and hard tissue treatments, including cosmetic dentistry procedures and oral health diagnostic tests.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is FDA approved, and is proven to have numerous benefits for patients. Dental treatments that utilize laser dentistry technology are:

  • Less invasive, with fewer stitches required
  • Quicker to perform
  • Instantly sterilized by the laser
  • Extremely precise, with minimal damage to the surrounding areas
  • Virtually painless, with less anesthesia needed
  • Known to provide a faster, less painful recovery

Our Laser Dentistry Technology

To better meet our patients’ needs, The Silverstrom Group features three different lasers, each capable of performing different dental procedures. We offer diode and erbium lasers, as well as the DIAGNOdent® diagnostic laser. These innovative laser systems allow us to provide safe, nearly pain-free treatment options for our Livingston dental technology patients.

  • Diode Soft Tissue LaserIdeal for smile makeovers as well as restorative dental procedures, our diode laser can be used to aesthetically enhance a “gummy” smile, treat soft tissue problems like gum disease, and perform minor surgical procedures. The diode laser seals lymphatic and nerve endings, stops bleeding, and minimizes inflammation, making it an increasingly popular way to correct a variety of soft tissue concerns. When patients want to reduce the appearance of the gums in their smile, laser dentistry is the fastest and most comfortable method available. Following a diode laser dental treatment, the healing process is greatly reduced, and patients usually experience little or no pain.
  • Erbium Hard Tissue Laser An advanced alternative to traditional dental drills, our erbium laser gently erases tooth decay. The hard tissue laser creates only minimal vibration and noise, ensuring more pleasant dental treatments that generally require no anesthesia. Erbium lasers use energized water molecules to vaporize tooth decay with incredible accuracy so that more healthy tooth will be retained than with a regular drill when placing all-white fillings and dental crowns.
  • DIAGNOdent® LaserAt The Silverstrom Group, we use our cutting edge laser diagnostic tools to enable the earliest detection available of potential oral health risks. Our DIAGNOdent® diagnostic laser identifies all stages of tooth decay, allowing us to treat the tooth before any major dental problems arise. Best of all, like other dental laser treatments DIAGNOdent® laser examinations are fast, easy, and pain-free.

Learn More about Our Advanced Dental Treatments

If you’d like more information on how our modern laser dentistry can make your treatments more comfortable, please contact our Livingston cosmetic dental center and schedule an appointment at your convenience.