According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 50% of adults over the age of 30 suffer from gum disease. Periodontal disease affects millions of people and threatens the stability of their smiles. But, many people don’t realize that gum disease can be prevented. In today’s blog, your Livingston dentists, Dr. David Silverstrom and Dr. Gary Silverstrom, explain how a few simple steps can help protect your smile from the ravages of periodontitis.


Causes and Symptoms of Gum Disease

As the bacteria in your mouth feed on food particles and multiply, they coat your teeth in a sticky substance known as plaque. In addition to causing bad breath, plaque buildup irritates the gums, leading to inflammation, also known as gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis may lead to the gums pulling away from the teeth, forming pockets at the gum line. Once bacteria invade these pockets, the patient can develop periodontitis. Symptoms of gum disease include:

·      Sore gums

·      Red and swollen gums

·      Gums that bleed easily

·      Bad breath

·      Loose teeth

Patients who don’t seek treatment for gum disease may even experience tooth loss.

Dental Cleanings

At The Silverstrom Group, your Livingston general dentists provide thorough dental cleanings to help you avoid periodontal disease. The American Dental Association recommends people undergo a routine dental cleaning at least once every six months. During a cleaning, our talented dental hygienists will remove the layers of plaque buildup from your teeth, keeping your breath fresh and your gums free of disease. Should they discover the presence of advanced gingivitis or gum disease, Dr. David or Gary Silverstrom will employ state-of-the-art dental lasers to comfortably remove the infected tissue.

Preventive Dentistry

The best way to ensure your smile stays free of diseases is with preventive dentistry. Always maintain proper dental habits. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once. Rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash, as well. These simple steps help remove harmful bacteria and stray food particles, decreasing your risk of gum disease.

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