Do you ever wake up with pain in your jaw or face? Do you often experience a popping or clicking sensation in your jaw? You may be one of the over 10 million Americans currently suffering from TMJ disorder, also known as TMD. Thankfully, treatment for this common, but painful, medical disorder is readily available. In today’s blog, your Livingston dentists, Dr. David Silverstrom and Dr. Gary Silverstrom, discuss the roots of TMJ disorder and explain how our treatment options can eliminate your TMD-related pain.


The Symptoms and Causes of TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder results from excess strain placed on your temporomandibular joints. These joints connect your jaw to the skull and control all jaw movement, such as chewing or talking. While our temporomandibular joints are designed to withstand constant pressure, sometimes too much stress causes the joints to become worn, leading to a series of painful symptoms, including:

·      Jaw pain

·      Chronic headaches

·      Migraines

·      Earaches

·      Tinnitus

·      Neck pain

What causes this strain in the first place? Several factors can lead to patients placing too much pressure on their temporomandibular joints, such as:

·      Teeth grinding

·      Bite misalignment

·      Anxiety

·      Injury to the jaw or face

Treating TMD

Your Livingston general dentists provide several treatment options to address your TMD-related symptoms. We may recommend bite therapy, in which we teach our patients a series of muscle exercises to relax the jaw joints. Dr. David or Gary Silverstrom might also prescribe splint therapy. Using an impression of the patient’s teeth, we create a custom-made mouth guard for the patient to wear at night. With this oral appliance, the jaw is correctly aligned. The mouth guard also prevents the upper and lower teeth from touching, which eliminates teeth grinding, easing the pain caused by TMJ disorder.

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