When a tooth becomes damaged or suffers from advanced decay, a crown may be recommended to return the tooth to full function and appearance. At The Silverstrom Group, we provide the latest in quality dental crowns. Made from porcelain, our crowns look like natural teeth. In today’s blog, your Livingston dentists, Dr. David Silverstrom and Dr. Gary Silverstrom, explain how crowns work and discuss the benefits of our CEREC single-visit crowns.
How Do Crowns Work?
Before placing the crown, Dr. David or Gary Silverstrom will prepare the tooth, removing the decayed structure. Then, the crown will be placed using a powerful bonding agent. The crown acts as a cap that fits completely over the visible portion of the tooth. The crown preserves the remaining tooth structure while preventing further infection or decay. Crowns can also be used to anchor dental bridges into place and restore a missing tooth in implant procedures.
Why Porcelain?
YourLivingston NJ cosmetic dentists use porcelain because the material is strong. Porcelain crowns can withstand the bite forces and stresses that teeth must endure to allow people to eat. Porcelain also mimics the translucent qualities of natural tooth enamel. As a result, your restoration can blend seamlessly with your smile.
Single-Visit Crowns
Typically, placing a crown requires two visits and the use of a temporary crown between appointments. Using CEREC technology, you Livingston dentists can now create and place a custom-made crown in just one visit. This saves our patients both time and money without sacrificing quality.
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Do you have any more questions about the benefits of our porcelain crowns? If so, then talk to your Livingston NJ cosmetic dentists today. Dr. David Silverstrom and Dr. Gary Silverstrom can create and place a strong and esthetically pleasing crown in a single visit. At The Silverstrom Group, we offer the latest in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry to transform the health and beauty of our patients’ smiles. Contact The Silverstrom Group in Livingston, New Jersey by calling (973) 797-9345. The Silverstrom Group is located at 580 South Livingston Avenue, Livingston, New Jersey.