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Toothaches can be an irritating and often painful ordeal. In some cases, a severe toothache can even make chewing or talking difficult! Many people don’t understand the causes of toothaches, and therefore, are unable to take the necessary steps to prevent them. Thankfully, your Livingston dentists, Dr. David Silverstrom and Dr. Gary Silverstrom, have provided a fun and informative quiz to educate you on the causes of toothaches and your treatment options.

Ready to Test Your Knowledge on Toothaches?

    1. True or False: A toothache is often a warning sign of tooth decay.


    1. True or False: If a toothache lasts more than two days, you should see your Livingston dentists right away.


    1. True or False: A cracked or chipped tooth can lead to a toothache.


    1. True or False: Drs. David and Gary Silverstrom offer tooth-colored fillings to address cavities.


  1. True or False: Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay.



    1. True. Patients with cavities often report tooth sensitivity and toothaches.


    1. True. Toothaches often occur when decay begins. If left untreated, cavities spread, eventually reaching the pulp at the center of the tooth, causing an abscessed, or infected, tooth that may require a root canal or removal.


    1. True. When we chip or crack the enamel that coats our teeth, bacteria can reach the inner layers of tooth structure known as dentin. Soon, tooth decay starts, causing toothaches and damaging your smile.


    1. True. At The Silverstrom Group, we provide natural looking composite fillings. They provide quality restoration and blend seamlessly with your smile.


  1. True. To help prevent tooth decay, always maintain proper dental habits. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once, and try to rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash. This safeguards your smile by cleanings the mouth of harmful bacteria and food particles.


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How did you do? We hope you learned more about the causes of toothaches and how to protect your smile. Remember, regular checkups and cleanings help your Livingston general dentists observe the state of your dental health and keep your smile beautiful and bright. Talk to your Drs. David and Gary Silverstrom today. Schedule a consultation with your Livingston general dentists by contacting The Silverstrom Group in Livingston, New Jersey by calling (973) 797-9345. The Silverstrom Group is located at 580 South Livingston Avenue, Livingston, New Jersey.