Endodontic treatment is meant to fix your root canal problems, so you can have healthy teeth and a brilliant smile. Unfortunately, there are some misconceptions that deter people with root canal problems from visiting a dentist. For example, many believe that during the root canal treatment, a patient experiences a great deal of pain. Well, this is nothing more than just a myth!

With accurate information, you can make the right choices when faced with any dental problem. Root canal treatment is crucial as it helps avert many dental problems that may result if there is no treatment during early stages of tooth infection. When you visit a dentist, you will find out that you only waste a good deal of your time believing in a myth that only lets the root canal problem develop into a serious issue. Here are common myths that can make you get the wrong picture about root canals:

Root canal treatment involves pain

This myth has been circulating around for a long time. Decades ago, there was no advanced technology and efficient aesthetics and therefore, back then you would obviously feel some pain during treatment. However, things are now entirely different with the advancement in technology and aesthetics. The development over the decades makes the root canal treatment as comfortable as having a filling procedure.

Well, research indicates that a good number of people who have undergone root canal treatment are more likely to describe it as the most painless procedure in dental treatment as compared to people who have root canal problems but have not gone for the treatment yet. Many make the mistake of waiting for the toothache to become so severe before seeing an endodontist or dentist. Apparently, the major cause of toothache is damaged tissues in a tooth. Root canal merely removes these tissues from the tooth, relieving you of the pain.

Root canal treatment leads to other illnesses

There is nothing wrong with doing personal research on root canal treatments. Look out for misleading dental info sites that make you believe there are other illnesses that might arise from root canal treatment. Currently, there is no scientific evidence that suffices to prove a linkage between root canal treatment and other diseases. Severe infection in the tooth will definitely require root canal treatment to eradicate bacteria from the infected tooth, prevent the possibilities of reinfection and save a natural tooth.

The extraction procedure is much better than the root canal procedure

The truth of the matter is that nothing can really replace your tooth and function as efficient as the natural tooth without limiting you to certain foods or behavior. The health of your teeth and keeping them are more important because they allow you to indulge in all kinds of delicacies that give essential nutrients to the body.

If your dentist suggests tooth extraction, feel free to ask him or her whether the root canal treatment is an option. This is because endodontic treatment is not only cost-effective but also an effective procedure that removes damaged pulp from an infected tooth. Extractions, on the other hand, will make you lose your natural tooth. However, there are some cases where extractions have to be implemented, for example, when the tooth is severely decayed.

Don’t let myths cloud your judgment when it comes to a root canal procedure. The best solution is, of course, rely on your dentist’s expertise because he or she is the best person to tell you whether you should go through root canal treatment or not.