A FAVORITE workout routine of Dr. Gary and some of his staff brings you this month’s #SmileFile: Spinning. Spin class is not a new phenomenon, you’ve seen it offered at the gym and it’s based on the simple idea of riding a sedentary bike at various degrees of resistance. So maybe you think, been there, done that. But have you discovered the unique experience of spinning to the beat of high-energy music in a candlelit room yet? That’s not all that SoulCycle in Short Hills offers. Get the inside scoop from your very own team at The Silverstrom Group.

Dr. Gary shares:
SoulCycle is not just about sweating out calories—especially with instructor Jessica Gunner at 5:45am. She sets the tone for the day. She asks you to set your intention, to ride for someone else, or for someone in the class. It is an unbelievable workout and you leave feeling refreshed both physically and emotionally. Gunner is trained in Yoga and has a wonderful perspective on life. SoulCycle varies its workouts, so you can make it as intense as you would like. My wife always jokes with me about how my morning conversation is all about class, and how it has prepared me for the day. I love my profession; dentistry is my passion. Soul Cycle, in particular with Jessica Gunner, has helped me to recognize and focus on what is most important about the day, staying focused on what you desire.

Dental Assistant Cathy shares:
I like spin class because it gets me going in the morning! It also helps me feel good physically and mentally. Our instructor, Jessica Gunner, is amazing! She makes the spinning experience that much better because she is extremely motivating. To anybody who may be thinking about joining, I would say, “Don’t hesitate. You will fall in love with it!”

Treatment Coordinator Lisa shares:
I was always the type of person who would have multiple gym memberships at once, based on which friend would be my gym partner and which gym they wanted to go to. However, I found myself never going to any gym with any friend. Cathy, not only my sister but also a fellow employee, had the same outlook on the whole “gym experience.” She started going to Gunner’s spin class at 5:45am and I was shocked. She was consistent: three days a week. I noticed that she had more energy and had a more positive outlook on each day. I naturally became intrigued and needed to know for myself what the BIG deal was with this Gunner person I heard so much about.

Normally, I am a morning person so getting up pretty early was not an issue for me. I got up that Monday morning after promising Cathy multiple times that I was going to attend the class. Honestly, my cheeks were hurting by the end of the class…the ones on my face! The music is so upbeat, the energy, believe it or not, at 5-something in the morning, is through the roof! Gunner motivates you to think about why you woke up that morning, why you live through each day and why the next day should be more memorable then the last. She motives you to be a team member and not a solo rider in class, at home and at work.

It’s for sure one of those things you have to experience for yourself. It may not be for everyone, but it’s something you have to try at least once. I have lost pounds and inches without changing my diet—just by simply adding SoulCycle into my life. Just do it once. It doesn’t have to be at 5:45am, but you’ll be hooked…I know it!!!