Most people affected by bruxism (gnashing of the teeth and clenching of the jaw) aren’t even aware of their habit. But the headaches associated with bruxism are a telltale sign, as are other symptoms, including jaw pain, earaches, TMJ disorders, bone loss in the mouth, and broken teeth. Think about it, we exert 300 pounds of pressure per inch while chewing. Tooth breakage is a cumulative effect of bruxism. Teeth can handle only so much until they break.
For many people, relief from these problems may come in the form of a small piece of plastic barely larger than a quarter. The Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System (NTI-tss Plus) is the first FDA-approved dental appliance developed to prevent migraine pain by significantly reducing the intensity of jaw clenching and grinding while the wearer sleeps. Unlike typical bite guards, it fits over the front teeth only, which in turn keeps the molars separated and diminishes the ability of the molars to clench and grind.
“Headaches and migraines are muscle-driven and skeletal-driven, and the NTI-tss Plus works by putting the muscles and bones back in alignment,” explains Dr. David Silverstrom. “It breaks the cycle of bruxism by physically separating the posterior teeth. If you put anything on your front two teeth, it’s physically impossible to clench and grind; the protruding jaw opens the airway and prevents typical factors that lead to bruxism.”
Every NTI-tss Plus device is custom-made for a perfect fit, and the FDA mandates that the devices be fabricated only for dentists who have extensive training with the device. “We frequently have neurologists refer patients for these devices, that’s how effective they are,” says Dr. David SIlverstrom. In addition to relieving headache pain, the NTI-tss Plus also prevents the premature wearing of natural dentition and restorative processes (crowns, bridges, etc.); in some cases, it even prevents snoring.
“If you’re experiencing episodic or chronic headache pain, make an appointment to see us,” says Dr. Gary Silverstrom. “There is no reason to suffer in silence, and we really might be able to help.”