Missing teeth are a source of aesthetic and dental health concerns for many people. At the Silverstrom Group, we understand the discomfort associated with missing teeth, and are proud to offer a range of the latest tooth replacement options available today. When you meet with a skilled Livingston cosmetic dentist at our practice, you can be sure your personal dental needs will be our priority.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can alter the aesthetics of your smile. Over time, gaps from missing teeth allow neighboring teeth to shift positions, which can change your bite and affect the way you chew.  Missing teeth are also commonly associated with bone and tissue loss. Although the condition can worsen with time, there are tooth replacement options that can greatly reduce the damage caused by missing teeth.

Dental Implants

When a patient is missing one or more teeth and wants the most technologically advanced solution for replacement, dental implants are the best treatment currently available. We have achieved superior results for our Livingston dental implants patients. A dental implant is a versatile, natural-looking way to replace a missing tooth.

When Dr. Silverstrom performs a dental implant procedure, a titanium rod is surgically placed in the existing oral structure and becomes a durable replacement for natural tooth roots. During the months after surgery, the jawbone and surrounding gum tissues fuse with the implant in a process called osseointegration, resulting in the strongest tooth replacement possible. Once the dental implant is healed, it can be fitted with a dental crown, dental bridges, or dentures.


The dentures of the past were focused on function more than form and comfort. Luckily, through modern technology our dentures are now attractive, comfortable, and functional. Dr. Silverstrom uses computers to create custom dentures that fit your mouth with less slipping, giving you the freedom to feel confident about your smile. Types of dentures include:

  • Full Dentures –When many or most of a patient’s teeth are missing, our full dentures are a popular treatment option. Full dentures are made of porcelain or plastic teeth, and are custom-fit to each patient’s mouth. Porcelain dentures are also incredibly natural in appearance. Dentures help keep a patient’s jaw shaped and working properly, and can be removed at night and for cleanings.
  • Implant-supported Dentures –For patients missing most of their bottom teeth, implant-supported dentures are a more permanent replacement option that utilizes the same technology as our single dental implants. Dental implants are surgically placed in the lower jaw, and a full lower denture is custom-crafted and attached. The result features excellent strength, a natural look, and allows for easy chewing.

Dental Bridges

A highly effective treatment for patients who are missing teeth, dental bridges come in several types and can fill many different dental gaps. Dental bridges utilize a replacement tooth that is anchored in place by dental crowns placed on the surrounding teeth. This tooth replacement option is ideal for patients that have some existing teeth or those that are getting dental implants. We use top-quality tooth-colored materials to ensure the most natural results possible.

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