Did you know that poor dental hygiene is one of the leading causes of bad breath, gum diseases, and tooth decay? In fact, a simple decision of not brushing your teeth on a regular basis can have negative consequences and lead to other serious health conditions. If you have concerns about your oral health, you should consult a dental hygienist for help.

Dental hygienists are professionals that will work closely with the dentist to meet your oral health needs. The range of services that the hygienist performs varies but the common services they provide include consulting with you about good nutrition and how it impacts your oral health. If you are contemplating on getting help from a dental hygienist, here are five reasons why you should do so:

Put a stop to bleeding gums

If you notice blood when you spit after brushing, it is a clear indication of gum inflammation that is also commonly called bleeding gums. Additionally, this can be an early sign of gum disease. If your dental hygienist catches these symptoms at an early stage, the effects are usually reversible. Your dental hygienist can stop the bleeding by cleaning the hard deposits off your teeth and around your gums. After cleaning, they will also guide you on the ways you can prevent similar buildup in the future.

Clean spots that are hard to reach

Some individuals practice excellent oral hygiene, and they may not need to visit a dental hygienist as often. However, it is pertinent that they see one to maintain their dental health. It doesn’t matter how well, and how often you floss and brush, or how much money you have invested on the latest toothbrush technologies, there will always be areas of your mouth that you will not be able to clean as effectively as a hygienist can.

Get preventive dental treatment advice

There may be some individuals who are not seeing a dentist on a regular basis but still want to have their teeth cleaned by dental hygienists. The work dental hygienists and dentists do are complementary to one another, but dental hygienists focus more about picking out potential problems such as infections, defective fillings or early decay during their dental cleaning routine. As the direct access to dental hygienists is now possible, you can also benefit from the preventive dental advice given by the dental hygienists.

Eliminates the possibility of oral cancer

When you make a dental hygiene appointment, your hygienist will also screen you for any signs of oral cancer. Being able to detect oral cancer in its infant stages is of utmost importance because early detection boosts survival rates to 80%-90%. You will also receive advice on the different risk factors for oral cancer and how you can avoid them. The fastest growing segment of those with oral cancer are young, non-smoking individuals because of the STD human papillomavirus.

Remove teeth stain for a better smile

Many stains that build up on your teeth just cannot be removed by brushing alone. Typical teeth stains are often the result of drinking red wine, tobacco, coffee and tea. A dental hygienist is trained to eliminate these stains and can restore your teeth to their natural whiteness.

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