As the end of the year is quickly approaching, we like to remind each of our patients to get the most out of insurance benefits before the New Year begins with a new deductible.
You pay for your insurance benefits, and are entitled to use the full amount allocated to you each year. If you don’t use the full amount by December, 31st, 2016, any unused dollars will be lost forever.
-Deductibles: This could increase next year, so using your insurance now will ensure that you have locked in the current deductible until the end of the year.
-Yearly Maximum: Unused benefits do not typically rollover, so you should try to meet your annual maximum, if possible. Remember, your 2016 dental benefits or flexible spending account (FSA) will expire at the end of December.
-Premiums: You pay monthly premiums and most people pay them via employment benefits. Why not take advantage of your benefits?
-Dental Problems Could Worsen: You may not think you have any dental problems right now, but unless you visit a dentist, you don’t know. Why take the chance that a possible condition right now could turn into something much more serious?  Keep in mind that a simple cleaning can help avoid future dental complications that may cause you to exceed future dental benefits.
Not sure about your benefits? It’s best to contact your insurance provider to get the most up-to-date information. We want your out-of-pocket expenses kept to a minimum, and your new year to start out healthy and happy. We hope this reminder was helpful!
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