Make your upcoming holidays a real unique one by spoiling that special someone with a gift that comes from the heart. During the festive season, it is common practice for everyone to wish their family and friends a happy holiday through gifting. Why not send a health and wellness gift this holiday season to show that you care for your loved ones and want them to lead healthy lifestyles, so that they will be around for many holiday seasons to come? Here’s a list of gift ideas for you:

A handy self-massage tool

If you know someone who needs a little help to get to those hard-to-reach aches, this self-massage tool from Body Back Buddy Jr. will come in handy! This quirky-looking tool comes with seven therapy knobs that allow the user to target their major muscle groups and trigger points comfortably. The massager is 23 inches long, and it is extremely portable due to its compact size. One of the best things is that the tool is highly recommended by fitness instructors, physical therapists and even chiropractors.

Beauty collections

Curated collections of natural beauty products from Well+Good can be used for special night-outs and are suitable for individuals who want healthier, glowing skin. You may opt for the Radiant Beauty for Hair, Nails, Skin, & Lips Collection, which includes an RMS Beauty Luminizer and Vapour Organics Plumping Lip Gloss. Additionally, a Supremely Sexy Natural Beauty Staples Collection is available, and it comprises of the best-selling Tata Harper exfoliating mask, a Kahina Giving Beauty Brightening Serum and more.

Unique salt lights

Try gifting that lucky person a rare Himalayan Grey Zen Salt Cube! This is an excellent and unique way of showing that you care about their mind, body and health. The cube is mounted on a wooden base and easily adds to the ambience of their home or office while releasing ionizing and oxygen-rich air. When this happens, the improved air helps to stimulate the person’s body, while helping to soothe and keeps the mind focused. The salt lights are also perfect for individuals who prefer minimalistic designs.

Water bottle with attached flavor infuser

The recipient of this gift no longer has to stick with just plain water! With this gift, they can infuse their drink with a flavor-of-the-day concept. They can add fresh herbs and fruits to this infuser and while the flavors seep into the water and make it a refreshing treat, it is also good for their health. This fun gift also allows anyone to become a mixologist extraordinaire and infuse anything from watermelons, blueberries, oranges, strawberries and more!

Sleep assisting mask

This sleep mask is designed to emit a soothing blue light that will gradually dim to lull the user into a deep slumber. As the mask blocks out all ambient light, it encourages the natural flow of melatonin which is sleep-inducing. Additionally, it helps the user’s brain to drift towards a more relaxed alpha state with its dimming effect. This mask will serve as a great gift as it can be used while traveling or at home. The bendable, breathable foam construction offers a comfortable all-night fit.

Now that you know that there are so many good health and wellness gifts out there, why not take your pick and get ready for the big festive season that is coming right up? Have fun shopping, folks!