Having a full set of teeth that is white and straight often makes us appear youthful and vibrant. If our teeth is not cared for well enough, we may look older than we really are. As teeth age, they can wear or shift down, and when that happens, these teeth may need to be removed. Teeth supports the lower third of our faces, and over time, the support that it provides will eventually collapse.

If you do not take care of your teeth, you may just very well accelerate the aging process. However, there is always a solution to this problem. Today, many dental offices offer anti-aging dentistry. To understand this form of dentistry, simply remember the acronym “FACE”:


Single or multiple signs of unwanted aging are often caused by structural abnormalities within a patient’s mouth. Anti-aging dentistry is a revolutionary and premier alternative to other invasive procedures and will help reverse those dreaded aging effects. The goal of this type of dentistry is to create harmony within your face and re-establish wanted youthfulness in the most natural way possible. All in all, anti-aging dentistry provides a useful function to deliver results that are long-lasting.


Aesthetics is one of the most important reasons that motivate us to fix our missing teeth. Our feelings are often based on how we look, and that’s why the social and psychological of tooth/teeth loss can be weighty. It is not just the unsightly gaps that bother the patient, and the real problem is less obvious. While the area of a loss tooth can affect facial aesthetics as well as oral health and function, the lack of stimulation in that area also causes alveolar bone loss. Tooth loss can affect the volume, height and external width of the alveolar bone in a negative way. In fact, there may be a decrease in width of over 20% during the first year, and subsequently, a four millimeter decrease in overall height in the next few years.


In anti-aging dentistry, you can tap into a good range of cosmetic dental procedures which include:

• Porcelain veneers: Veneers are designed to improve both the color and shape of your teeth

• Porcelain crowns: These crowns possess the color and translucency of your natural teeth. If you are currently have dental implants or an area of weak teeth, crowns can be worn to serve as an extra layer of protection

• Teeth whitening procedures: Stubborn stains caused by food and drinks that contain colorants are difficult to remove. Teeth whitening procedures are designed to overcome these challenges and give you a whiter smile in no time

• Invisalign: If you ever wanted straighter, healthier and better functioning teeth, Invisalign is the ONE you should be considering

Entire body health

Oral health is a highly important and integral component of your health. If you allow your oral health to deteriorate because of your poor oral hygiene habits or you leaving infections untreated, the quality of life can be negatively impacted. In fact, your actions and decisions will eventually affect your immune system. Make sure that no harm comes to your immune system as it is needed to keep you healthy and strong and allow you to age gracefully. Just remember that a healthy mouth is the key to good overall health!