Dental hygiene is basically known as the regular practice of keeping the gums, teeth and mouth healthy and clean to prevent oral diseases, by flossing, brushing and scheduled dental visits. Halloween is a great time for the whole family to have fun, and it is an event that most of us look forward to every year, especially kids. Keep in mind that high sugar consumption without proper dental hygiene routines can quickly lead to tooth decay.

That being said, you do not need to worry about possible dental issues that might pop up after Halloween, especially if you are prepared. Take this chance to educate your kids on hygiene tricks that can also be used to maintain their dental health all year round. Here is a list of dental hygiene tips for Halloween that dental hygienists want you to know:

Don’t hesitate to hide any excess candy

It is not advisable to leave any excess Halloween candies lying around the house after the trick-or-treating is over. Find a secret spot to store the sweet treats so that it is out of reach for your kids. You can give the candies to your kids at intervals, so that they do not over-consume these treats.

Eat a healthy meal beforehand

If you do not want your kids to fill up on just Halloween candy and snacks, you should let them eat a nutritious and healthy meal first before their trick-or-treat session. This will help lower their temptation to overdo their candy consumption later. This dental hygiene tip is not limited to Halloween time only, it can be used all year round.

Avoid candy grazing

The idea is not to let your kids continue picking at the candy throughout the day. This will help reduce the time frame that the sugars are in your kids’ mouths and decrease the chance of tooth decay. Another way is to hold back the candy until your kids are done with their meals. After consuming the candy as a treat, you should get your kid to brush and rinse to neutralize the acid production and sugar. Alternatively, you can give them a sugar-free xylitol gum if rinsing or brushing is not possible. The gum will help to increase salivary flow, which helps to neutralize the acids in the mouth.

Be selective with the candy

Another useful tip is to encourage kids to consume candy that are fast to melt or can be eaten quickly. Try your best not to let them eat sweets that are too sticky or gooey, and can linger on the teeth and in the mouth. If that happens, the bacteria within the mouth will produce more acid, which can cause tooth decay. Always remind your kids to brush their teeth or rinse their mouths with water after eating a sugary candy. You can even take the step of purchasing a Halloween-related toothbrush to encourage them to brush their teeth and maintain proper dental hygiene.

We hope that you have enjoyed learning these few easy dental hygiene tricks that will allow the entire family to enjoy Halloween to the fullest. Candied and sugary treats are not necessarily the enemy, but the actual enemy is the lack of a proper dental hygiene regimen!