When was the last time you received a checkup and cleaning? While they may not seem like much, general dental procedures, such as checkups and cleanings, help protect and preserve your smile. At The Silverstrom Group, we provide an array of the latest in general dentistry. In today’s blog, your Livingston dentists, Dr. David Silverstrom and Dr. Gary Silverstrom, answer common questions about our general dental techniques.


General Dentistry Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do dental cleanings help prevent gum disease?

Answer: Yes. During a cleaning, our dental hygienists will remove the layers of plaque from your teeth. Your teeth will then be polished, erasing minor stains and boosting the appearance of your smile. Over time, plaque buildup can irritate the gums, causing gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis may lead to the onset of gum disease, threatening the stability of your smile.

Question: How often should I receive a dental checkup?

Answer: The American Dental Association recommends adults and children over the age of three receive a checkup once every six months. Checkups allow your Livingston NJ general dentists to watch for any signs of burgeoning dental issues, such as tooth decay and gum disease, and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Question: Does The Silverstrom Group offer oral cancer screenings?

Answer: Yes. Using VELscope technology, your Livingston dentists can provide precise and accurate oral cancer screenings.

Question: What is root canal therapy?

Answer: When a tooth becomes infected, a painful abscess can form. Eventually, the tooth may even die, requiring extraction. Root canal therapy enables your Livingston dentists to remove the infected tissue from the tooth. The tooth will then be restored with a custom-made crown.

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