A porcelain crown provides durable and esthetically pleasing tooth restoration. Used in a variety of procedures, a crown may be recommended for both cosmetic and restorative purposes. Your Livingston dentists, Dr. David Silverstrom and Dr. Gary Silverstrom, explain the benefits of porcelain crowns and discuss our single visit restorations.
What is a Porcelain Crown?
A crown is a cap that fits over the visible portion of the tooth. The crown protects the remaining tooth structures while preventing further decay or infection. At one point, all crowns were made using metal, or amalgam. While metal crowns provide strong restorations, they were esthetically unappealing. Porcelain reflects light in a similar manner as tooth enamel and can be shaded to match surrounding teeth, providing a restoration that blends seamlessly with your smile. Porcelain is also strong, able to withstand powerful bite forces and pressure. With a porcelain crown, your tooth can be restored to full function and appearance.
Smile Restoration
Your Livingston dentists may prescribe a dental crown for a variety of reasons. Crowns restore teeth afflicted with advanced decay. When a tooth becomes broken or fractured, a crown may be recommended to ensure you can eat without discomfort. Crowns are also used in tooth replacement procedures, anchoring dental bridges into place and topping dental implants. Finally, a crown may be used to restore a tooth following a root canal procedure. If you have any questions about crowns or their use, contact your Livingston dentists today.
CEREC One Visit Crowns
CEREC technology allows Dr. David or Gary Silverstrom to create and place a custom-made crown in a single visit. After taking photographs of your prepared tooth, a 3D computer image will be created as a digital impression. After making any necessary changes to the digital impression, Dr. David or Gary Silverstrom will send the image to the CEREC machine. There, the machine will mill a tooth from a solid block of ceramic.
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