Dear Friends,

Recently, at the end of a lecture we had given at the dental school, a group of senior students approached us with a question: “In your practice, what part of dentistry do you most enjoy?” We did not need time to think about the response at all. No, it was not bonding, or cosmetic makeovers, or porcelain veneers. It was not the technology, or lasers, or even computerized dentistry.
 “It is the relationships that we have developed with our patients over the years, ” we responded.
It is you!
You are part of our family. We care about you. When you sit in our chair you are telling us, I trust you. That trust and confidence mean everything to us.
You see us at town events, we attend your weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, your charitable functions. We celebrate the joys and milestones in your lives, we mourn the passing of loved ones. We are part of the fabric of each others lives.
As we head into the Thanksgiving season, we pause and reflect, and give thanks for the good fortunes in our lives. We at The Silverstrom Group, wish to take a moment and thank you for the good fortune of having you as one of our patients. We view all of our patients as extensions of our family and we very much appreciate that you have entrusted your oral health to our care. The fact that so many of our patients have been with us for years and that they, too, have brought ‘next generations’ into the Silverstrom Group family is professionally rewarding and personally meaningful.
At the Silverstrom Group, you are more than just a patient and we are so thankful to include you in the circle of special people in our lives. It is our sincere wish that you and your family be blessed with good health and that your home be filled with many bright smiles this Thanksgiving season and throughout the year.
Warm regards,
David and Gary Silverstrom