What do the songs “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Please, Please Me” and “Yesterday” have in common? They are all songs by the Beatles and they are all chart toppers. One last thing…they are all just over 2 minutes long, which is the perfect amount of time that you should be brushing your teeth. Of course cleaning your teeth for 2 minutes isn’t the only good tooth brushing routine you should be practicing.

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Here are four other ways to make sure that your tooth brushing skills are up to par:

1)Clean: While you may think brushing your teeth is as simple as moving the brush back and forth, there is a proper way to do it that is most effective. For the best results, move your toothbrush in small circles at a 45-degree angle away from your teeth. You should also make sure that you aren’t using too much pressure when you brush your teeth. These two practices will help prevent gum irritation and cracks in the enamel of your teeth.

2)Watch: Would you put your make up on with your eyes closed? Would you try to shave without the lights on? The answers to both of those questions are most likely no. Those are two things where you need to see what you are doing to make sure they are done correctly. The same goes for brushing your teeth. Pay attention to what parts of your mouth you have already brushed and make sure you don’t skip parts like your gums or your tongue. It is important that you brush all parts of your mouth, and the best way to do this is by watching what you are doing in the mirror.

3)Rinse: Make sure that you rinse your mouth and toothbrush when you are done brushing your teeth. Use mouthwash to reduce plaque and kill any leftover germs. It is also important that you are cleaning your toothbrush. Not rinsing your toothbrush after you are done brushing can lead to a build up of bacteria in the brush.

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4)Toothbrush: Likewise it is important that you are replacing your toothbrush on a regular basis. You want to make sure you aren’t using a toothbrush whose bristles are frayed or broken. If you are bad at remembering to change your toothbrush, try to buy one that has bristles that change color to indicate when its time for a replacement.

5)Floss: While this step doesn’t involve a toothbrush, it is one of the most important dental hygiene habits you can have. Even if you have perfect tooth brushing technique, flossing is still a necessary step. Floss is able to reach spots that your toothbrush can’t, working to eliminate bacteria and food that is stuck in hard to get spots. Make sure to floss after you brush to ensure that you have healthy and happy teeth!

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